Should I travel in the Year 2021?

The last day of the Year 2019 came with the discovery of a new virus named the COVID-19 virus that causes the Coronavirus disease. The whole world never thought it would become a pandemic within 2 months even 1 week after it was discovered. The world head how it slowly spread through China, then to other countries and continents until virtually every country in the world had cases. There were several measures to curb the virus, but the virus continued to spread and kill people.

By the end of 2020, even though the death to recovery ratio has changed from 1:5 to 1:33, the rate of infection and death across the world remain alarming. Most of your 2020 plans could have been shattered by the pandemic and you are working on your 2021 plans. You might be wondering if you should travel in 2021 or even 2022 should the pandemic remain or not.

If it comes to travelling in the year 2021, it will not be a bad idea to travel in the year 2021. Some of the reasons why it won’t be a bad idea to travel in the year 2021 are discussed subsequently.

Lockdown in most countries have been relaxed

The lockdown in several countries across the world has been relaxed. Some of the centres for social events are gradually being opened as well. The implication is that when you travel to another country, you will at least be able to move around and be able to engage in some activities. However, you should read about the country you want to travel to so that you are aware of their current status about if they are still under a lockdown or not as well as what will be expected of you when you visit the country. Some country still expects visitors to isolate for 14 days

under a lockdown

International travels have resumed

Another reason why you should consider travelling in the year 2021 is that many countries have resumed international travels. The implication is that you can get flights to most countries in the world from the UK in the year 2021. Hence, if you want to plan a trip to a country in 2021, you will be able to get to the country. You should find reliable travel companies that abide with COVID-19 prevention guidelines by reading reviews on the UK Collected Reviews platform to know which companies their customers believe are keeping the guidelines.

Death rates have reduced

The death rate from the Coronavirus disease has also reduced significantly. Even though you should strive not to contract the virus, you have a higher chance of surviving the virus compared to early in the year 2020 when the virus started to spread. The reduced death rate is an indication is that no matter how slow and even though there is no certain medication for the virus as at January 2021, the hospitals and individuals is getting better at managing the virus.

More is known about the virus

Another reason why you should consider travelling in the year 2021 is that there is now more information available about the virus. We now know more about how to avoid contracting the virus through the right use of face masks, sanitisers, and watching hands among others. There is also the fact that most companies have now adapted to making provisions for and enforcing the COVID-19 prevention guidelines from relevant bodies.

Author: Frank Hossel